John C. Campbell Folk School

I attended blacksmithing class at JCC Folk School from Apr 22 thru April 29.  I enjoy working on a coal forge as it is hotter and heats metal more readily.  Having said that I also burned a lot of pieces up in the coke.  The last three days was a course in covering, etching and acid treating metal for different finishes.  I wouldn’t recommend muriatic acid for a rusting agent as it is too caustic–use Ferric Nitrate crystals dissolved and sprayed onto the bare metal.  Use Cupric Nitrate for covering and turning copper sheet green.  I also like the use of Renaissance wax v. Johnson wax over metal.  It was developed by the Brits for polishing suits of armor in museums–and they have a lot of armor to polish.  My favorite suit was for King Henry VIII displayed in the Tower of London..  It was big and looked like it  might fit me.  It had to weigh 200+ pounds.  Poor horse that had to carry Henry!

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