Iron Pot

I worked on a large cast iron pot for a nice lady in town.  It was easily over 100 years old and belonged to her grandmother.  I am guessing it was for washing but can’t be sure.  After hitting it hard with a twisted wire 4.5 inch brush I coated it with Ospho and painted it gloss black. I also bent a 22 inch diameter 2″ x 3/16″ circular ring with my Harbor Freight bender and added three 9 inch legs from 1″ x 3/16.”  I forged the tips a little for effect.  I welded all of this together though I thought of using a few rivets.  It looked pretty sturdy but we’ll see.  The pot will be used as a planter so I drilled five 1/4 in holes in the bottom for drainage.  The bottom was thinning a little so I hope it doesn’t fall through.

Cast iron pot w/stand

Cast iron pot w/stand


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