Art on the Neuse Show

The Art on the Neuse show was fun if not stinko hot and humid.  Evie Chang Henderson and all the Pamlico Arts Council folks that ran it deserve a great round of applause.  There were many mediums displayed from iron horses made from scrap to carved walking sticks.  I’d say the crowds were fair because of the heat.  The Oriental Marina is a good place for the event as it is centrally located.  It could use a few of those large fans seen on the NFL football game sidelines cooling the players.  At least the Tiki Bar was open!!

Warm Weather Here

Summer temps have arrived.  It makes working at the forge a little tough.  The Art on the Neuse show is June 18 so I have to get some inventory.  Not too optimistic it will be a big sales event but am sure to meet some nice folks.